Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A New Tip of the Week!

Stretch your scrapbooking budget in these harder times -

Trade papers with a friend, trash to treasure you know!
Use scraps to make paper piecings, paper posies, etc. This will use up even the smallest of pieces and save money on embellishments!
When cutting paper for a border around a photo, cut the middle out of the background photo. It won't show, but give you a perfectly matched paper for a paper piecing embellishement!

Need more time before re-inking your stamp pad? Spritz the ink pad with a small amount of water and let sit for a while (I'm not sure if this is recommended or not, but I do it and it really works to extend the life of the pad until I can get it re-inked!)
Buy a reinker with a friend and use it together, as needed - only if this is a trust-worthy friend though! No stealing the ink!!

Use odd household objects to create new stamps! I found that the inside plastic of a roll of tape makes a really neat circular stamp!
Repurpose old pencil erasers into rubber stamps, just cut a design with a craft knife! I have a whole tiny alphabet set from pencil erasers!
Use foam shapes as stamps. Layer a few of the shapes together, glue, and voila! a new stamp!
Wrap rubber bands around your brayer before inking for an interesting new background design! Guaranteed to never look the same!!
Use your brass embossing pads as stencils for your ink. Sponge inside the shape and then let dry!

Save all small ribbon scraps. These can be used as a decorative border when used around a matted photo, as a part of your paper piecings, or as texture on your next card (green ribbon = green stem on a flower!!)

Save on Purchases:
Always check Goodwill or Thrift shop type stores for scrapbooking supplies like ribbon, buttons, thread, charms, flowers, etc! The list goes on and on! I recently found a bag of green buttons for a whopping $0.35 + tax. You can't go wrong!! You can also look at Rummage, Garage, or Tag sales. Think outside the box!
Get a job at your local scrapbooking store, just for the discount! If you spend alot of money on supplies, the discount would help you save and put some money in your pocket!! (That is if you don't end up spending your whole paycheck on supplies!!)
Always buy a product that is multi-purpose - such as tools that do double duty, cutting and embossing, etc. Rubber stamps can be used multiple times, while a package of stickers can be used 1 time each!

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