Monday, March 23, 2009

New Tip for you!

New tip of the week:

((When life hands you lemons, quick make some lemonade!))

I really screwed up my foot recently (air cast, ace bandage, and crutches!!) and have been unable to get to the basement to my scrapbook room. So I have been spending some extra special time with my kids and the house/yard during these scrapbook free days!

Isn’t it amazing how busy life gets? We go through each day with a to-do list of things we “have” to get done, and never really appreciate the fact that each day gone is a day that we could’ve taken a walk, smelled a flower, stolen a secret kiss, or cuddled on a blanket outside!
So for today's tip, remember this... Life does not always have to be so complicated;
Just break your foot and watch things calm down a bit! :-)


  1. Enjoy your time off your feet and savor it! Life goes by so quickly and kids grow up fast! =)

  2. Thank you, Ladies! I appreciate the sentiment! :-)


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