Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Tip of the Week - Organizing!

Organize your craft supplies in a way that makes sense to you!
Let's say you see a really neat photo of someone else's scrapbook room and see that they use only wire baskets to hold their stamps. You *think* that this is really neat and *have* to have this, but try only one or two containers first. You might find that you can use shoeboxes for the same effect and save yourself oodles of cash!
Look at your home and see how you organize other things, such as your bathroom cupboard or kitchen cabinets. Do you have everything neatly organized and in its place there? If not, follow similar ways to organize!
I organize by sight - if I can't see it, I won't use it! Everything has to be easily viewed so that I know where things are, and that I can grab it quickly when I'm doing a project!
The back of my space is a long wall of pegboard with loads of pegs! I have all my tools hanging on the wall! All I have to do is look up, reach up, and continue with my project! I also keep a note board with thumbtacks right in front of my work area. On this I keep my current sketches, most used tools (rulers, heat gun, stamp mat, etc) and a few inspirational pieces that I created!
All my stamps are located in a large, standing rubbermaid dresser, with clear drawers. I have them organized by type; flowers, holiday, sayings/words, and rubber vs. cling, etc. This makes it very easy to find the exact stamp that I need, without having to dig!
My inks are located in a small, desktop size version of the rubbermaid dresser. I have them organized by color, in 3 drawers. They fit perfectly and I have the drawers labeled with the colors in each!
In ending, organize in a way that makes you comfortable and stick to it! If you hate putting things away everyday, then make it very simple and easy to do. Good Luck in finding your perfect organizing solutions!

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