Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Tip of the Week - Back to School!

Top 10 things that must be done before school starts in a few weeks!

1. Buy all the school supplies on "the list" - get "the list" from your local store or school
2. Get all the schedules that you will need for the 1st month of school; Lunch menus, PTA meetings, picture day, class schedule, etc.
3. Fund your child's lunch account and/or make 10 lunches to freeze and have on hand (Yes - PB&J freezes well!)
4. Did someone say "New Clothes for School" Take advantage of sales and stock up now!
5. Set bedtimes and start setting the alarm clock for your child now, the 1st week or two won't be so bad getting them up on time!
6. Take your child to the school open house to meet the teacher and find the classroom (good night to get all of the schedules that you will need!)
7. Get sports or extra circular schedules also - find out sign up deadlines and purchase equipment, uniforms, supplies, etc.
8. Determine after school routines; daycare, carpools, bus schedules, etc.
9. Get emergency plan in place for things like "Snow Days", early dismissals, etc.
10. Purchase a teacher's appreciation gift for this year's new teacher or the wonderful teacher from last year!


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