Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Tip of the Week

Show someone that you love how much you really care! Do these tips to have your relationship the best it could be!

1. Get involved in activities with your loved one! Do these activities TOGETHER!
2. Volunteer to help them with a project and do not complain!
3. Encourage them in their ventures; let them bounce ideas off of you for input. Encourage them to keep going.
4. Encourage your loved one to take some time for themself! Offer to babysit or walk the dog so that they can accomplish this!
5. 10 hugs a day keeps the blues away!!!
6. Do a voluteer project together - volunteer at an animal shelter, do a fundraising project for a local organization, visit a nursing home and play games with seniors - together!
7. Set a date night - do something that you have never done before!
8. Send your loved one a card - "Just Because"!
9. Send them a small gift - flowers, candy, a singing telegram, etc!
10. Tell them that you care about them and mean it!

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